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Hi Lynne,
Just wanted to tell you how great Stock Tank Defense has been for our horses. Normally if I can't clean the trough the water gets rancid and the horses drink minimally. In the winter it is impossible to clean the trough as it gets frozen in. This winter I started using Stock Tank Defense tablets.  Wow what a difference!  The horses drank 3 times what they normally do and 2 that were coughing stopped coughing. The Stock Tank Defense tablets completely eliminated the bacteria that make the water disgusting and kept the water sweet tasting for the horses.  All I had to do was throw a tablet in every 2 weeks. My only complaint is that I had to haul the hose out 3 times as much to keep the trough filled. THANKS SO MUCH LYNNE!
Martin Paskewitz
St Francois Xavier

Copper Weeping Willow Tree

 Hi Lynne.  It has been awhile.  We have finally done the fine-tuning of our garden and replaced flowers and plants that our local squirrels added to their menu. This is about as good as we are going to get!

Nan and I are so pleased with your water feature; it has turned out to be everything we wanted for both beauty and ease of maintenance.  I had it up and running in May in a half hour, compared to a full day for our previous pond and waterfall.

 By the way, we decided to leave it out for the Winter, just bringing in the pump. It weathered well. You will also notice that the leaves have turned to the intermediate brown colour.  No sign yet of the final green state.

 As much as we love the garden in the daytime, it is the night view that is our favourite, with the lights shining off the water droplets. With a little cognac, it is a great way to end an evening! 😆

Hope you enjoy the photos. Feel free to reuse them if you wish.

 And a Happy Canada 150 Day to you.




No Guck!

Yes, we are very happy with the results. Fewer frogs, mostly clear and no guck. Just can't remember the two products that you sold us but they are great.

Thanks so much,

Suzanne and Martin

 ( Hi Suzanne and Martin, It was Muck Away and Bacta Pur that you used! Thanks Lynne)

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