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CWP Pond Dye | Pond Tint | Pond Shade

Clean Water Pro Pond Dye Benefits:

  • Clean Water Pro – Trusted Pond and Lake Management Company
  • Combine the Power of Dye and CWP Pond Cleaner
  • Improve Water Quality & Clarity
  • Enhance Your Ponds Beauty
  • Reduce Unwanted Algae and Aquatic Weed Growth

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Transform your pond into a stunning visual masterpiece with CWP Pond Dye. This high-quality pond dye is specifically formulated to enhance the natural beauty of your water feature while improving water clarity and health. The dye is non-toxic and safe for fish, wildlife, and plants, ensuring a harmonious ecosystem.

Besides its aesthetic appeal, CWP Pond Dye also serves a functional purpose. Tinting the water helps to limit sunlight penetration, reducing the growth of unwanted aquatic plants and algae. This proactive approach prevents the formation of unsightly algae blooms, keeping your pond clear and beautiful year-round.

Reducing sunlight penetration also helps to regulate water temperature and minimize excessive evaporation, resulting in a more stable aquatic environment for your fish and other pond inhabitants.

CWP Pond Dye is long-lasting and resistant to fading, ensuring that your pond remains vibrant and captivating for extended periods. With its superior colour retention and reliable performance, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and healthy pond throughout the seasons.

Dosage Rates

Up to 1/4 Acre 1/4 – 1/2 Quart
Up to 1/2 Acre 1/2 – 1 Quart
Up to 3/4 Acre 3/4 – 1-1/2 Quart
Up to 1 Acre 1 – 2 Quart

Please note: Above are recommendations. Always read the product label.


To experience the benefits of the beneficial bacteria to clear pond water, apply CWP Pond Dye when water temperatures are above 50°F. Wait 3 days after an algaecide and/or herbicide treatment to apply CWP Pond Dye. Apply CWP Pond Dye every 4-8 weeks or as needed to maintain the desired colour. Heavy rain and/or intense sunlight may require additional treatments of pond dye.


Shake well before use. Apply liquid directly out of the container. CWP Pond Dye works best when poured in several spots along the shoreline.


CWP Pond Dye may be applied to lakes and ponds used for irrigation and aquaculture. Water treated with pond dye may be used for recreation, fishing and other activities immediately after treatment. Safe for recreational ponds, horses, livestock, birds, pets, fish, wildlife and the environment. Do not apply to water that will be used for human consumption. Not for use in small water features or water gardens.

CWP Pond Dye | Pond Tint | Pond Shade