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Water Aeration

About - Water Aeration

Water Aeration System improves water quality and reduces algae in Lakes, lagoons, retention ponds, fisheries, and other waterbodies by circulating the water. The water circulation caused by the Water Aerator adds significant amounts of dissolved oxygen to the water, which promotes the break up of thermocline to promote clear and healthy water.

Water Aeration Systems have multiple components, varying depending on the type of water aerator. The main features are the compressor, the diffuser, and the airline. A more powerful compressor and increased diffusers may be necessary for larger bodies of water. For smaller bodies of water like a swimming pond or koi pond, you won’t need as strong of a compressor and fewer diffusers than a larger body of water.

When deciding on a Water aeration system, the size & depth of the water body will help determine what type of Water Aeration System you will need to install. The type of water body, whether a lake shore, swim pond, or lagoon, will also be a factor when choosing a Water Aerator.

Pond Supply provides all the pond supplies you’ll need to build, maintain, and enhance your pond, including pond liners, environmentally friendly treatments, pond aerators, pond dye, artisan fountains, and water aeration components. Should you need assistance, we can help you design and install your water aeration system.