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Weed Raker

Weed Raker Benefits:

  • Remove Vegetation & Organic Matter
  • Reduce Timely Maintenance
  • Pull In From As Far As 45 Feet Away
  • Slow regrowth and prevent future weed problems


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The Pond Weed Raker is the ultimate solution for maintaining a clean and healthy pond or lake. This powerful tool removes vegetation, organic matter, and submerged weeds easily, pulling out roots to prevent regrowth and leaving your water body pristine.

The industry’s lowest and widest aquatic weed rake can reach even the most stubborn weeds and debris, giving you complete control over the health of your pond. Plus, with the ability to remove dead, decaying matter from the bottom of the pond, this tool helps prevent the growth of additional vegetation and the build-up of nutrient-rich muck. Keep your pond looking its best with this pond & lake tool.

Weed Raker