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Weed Razer | Lake & Pond Weed Cutter

Key Benefits:

  • Remove Aquatic Vegetation
  • Reduce Timely Maintenance
  • Cut At The Base Of Pond Weeds


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The revolutionary Jenlis Weed Razer Aquatic Weed Cutter easily removes stubborn pond weeds in just a few minutes! The ingenious aquatic weed cutter has a unique V-shaped lake weed cutter head with razor-sharp blades that are designed to be the most efficient and effective pond tool.

The unique design is made to cut or shear almost any type of rooted aquatic vegetation, such as Watermilfoil, lily pads, pond weed and even cattails. The razor-sharp blades of the Weed Razer can easily shear through submerged weeds as well as cattails.

CUT IT, RAKE IT& ROLL IT to create a pristine swimming/beach area! Use the Weed Razer to cut the weeds, Weed Raker to pull them out, and the Muck Razer to devour the muck and roots on the bottom!

Remove weeds in a simple 4-step process!

  1. Give it a toss.
  2. Let it sink.
  3. Pull it in.
  4. Repeat.

The Jenlis Weed Razer clears a path 48″ wide with each throw. Weighing just 8 pounds, this aquatic weed cutter is light enough to toss 30 feet or more, yet heavy enough to sink straight to the bottom. Use the included blade sharpener as needed for optimal performance.

Once you’ve cut the weeds with the pond weed cutter, we recommend that you remove the cut vegetation from the water. Decaying vegetation will provide nutrients that can stimulate new vegetation.

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Tech Specs

ApplicationPond & Lake Weed Cutter
Blade Length32″, after assembly 48″
Handle Length62″
Pull Rope Length25′
Weight8 lb
Blade SharpenerIncluded

Safety Instructions

  • The Weed Razer is to be operated by hand only. Do not pull the Weed Razer behind a boat, or any other machine-driven equipment.
  • Do not use with children in the immediate area.
  • Do not use the Weed Razer when humans and/or animals are present within 100 feet from the launch point.
  • Use protective gloves, thick leather gloves are recommended, while handling the Weed Razer.
  • Do not place or use near electrical wires or cords.
  • Never touch the sharp edges of the blades with bare hands at any time.
  • Leave blade covers on the cutting edges when not in use.
  • Check all bolts, connections and rope before use.
  • Avoid areas in water with underwater structures.
  • When not in use, store Weed Razer in a safe location, out of the reach of children.

Before using this product on public waterways, consult local environmental regulations, as some jurisdictions prohibit the removal of native plants from waterways and shorelines. We also recommend identifying any vegetation you’re dealing with, since disturbing some invasive aquatic plants can help them spread.

Weed Razer | Lake & Pond Weed Cutter