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Fountain Basin

About - Fountain Basin

Fountain basins are necessary for the installation of many water features. Fountain basins are used to install copper fountains, bubbling rocks, formal falls, rain gardens and more.

Essentially, the basin is installed so that the top is flush with grade, and the water feature is located on top. The pump and water are housed inside the basin. The basin is covered with rock so it is not visible and the water is allowed to percolate through the stone into the basin to be recycled through the water feature again.

A fountain basin makes the installation of a pond-less water feature simple and easy. The innovative design includes a flat supported top deck with recessed plumbing channels for tubing, a removable top paneland a pocket for a manifold. These basins are best used for bubbling boulders or other fountains with weight evenly distributed over the basin top. These fountain basins are not recommended for fountains with heavy pount loads.

Easily install your fountain basins and start enjoying your water features today.