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Pond Cleaner

About - Pond Cleaner

A healthy body of water requires a delicate balance between natural bacteria, dissolved oxygen, and nutrients for the ecosystem to thrive. Pond Cleaners are an amazing option to help you maintain this delicate balance.

Pond Cleaner naturally improves water clarity, removes odours, and breaks down suspended organic debris and decaying leaves with billions of beneficial bacteria colonies and added enzymes. The result is a cleaner pond, healthier fish, improved dissolved oxygen levels, and reduced nutrient levels for you to enjoy.

Ponds are naturally a major focal point in any outdoor space. They draw the eye due to their organic beauty, the lushness of the surrounding plants, and the animal’s ponds draw in. Ensure that the focus is on the clarity and beauty of the water, rather than strong odours, discolouration, aquatic weeds, and suspended debris. Show off your pond with pride by maintaining it with Pond Cleaner and eliminating these common concerns.