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Muck Remover

About - Muck Remover

Muck Remover is a pond maintenance product that is used to remove muck, debris, and sludge from the bottom of ponds. It is a granular product that is applied to the pond bottom and then agitated with a pond brush or other tool. Our Muck Removers are safe for use in ponds with fish and other aquatic life.

Muck remover is a pelleted form of beneficial bacteria that immediately works when you place it in the pond or along a shoreline. Drop the pellets into the water, and they will sink to the bottom and immediately begin working to remove the muck. As the pellets dissolve and break down muck, the by-products will be released back to the pond surface in gas form.

Under ideal conditions, muck remover will remove up to 12 inches of muck within one season! Removing muck is a slow process when there is a lot accumulated in your pond. For this reason, we suggest starting as soon as possible. Use muck remover and begin enjoying a clearer and cleaner pond or lake today!