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I purchased Pond Shock from Riverdale Supply after a very informative conversation with Lynn. I have had Koi for over 20years and the spring set-up can always be a daunting task.

I winter my Koi inside in tanks so moving them back out into the ponds is always a little concerning. Wanting to have the water in the best condition and getting the filtration system up and running with good bacteria for biological filtration is the top priority. I have tried many products over the years to kickstart the process including using mature media from my indoor tanks.

Nothing has compared to Pond Shock the results were amazing! Not only does it provide good bacteria, but the water clarity is perfect. I have never had the pond look so mature so fast. I always trying different ways to improve water clarity.....  this product is the easiest to use and the best results I have ever seen! NO NEW POND SYNDROME!

Thanks again Lynn for the recommendation.... I am telling all my Koi friends in the area about your product.

From a happy Koi Keeper....
Rob Ironside
Red Deer, Alberta

NEW Product

CrystalClear® PondShock™ is a great alternative to chemicals to clear your pond water fast. The organic ball contains billions of all natural, live bacteria and enzymes that are designed to rapidly break down ammonia, nitrites and organic waste. Can be used in the spring to jump-start biological filters, when water quality issues escalate or before new fish are introduced to the pond. Use once a monts or as needed when water temperatures are above 50°F. Safe for all aquatic life.

·       Billions of Enzymes in Each Ball

·       Fast-Acting Boost of Clarity for Ponds

·       SHOCKingly Clear Water

·       Gives Your Pond A Boost When Water Quality Issues Escalate

·       Safe For Use In All Ponds


·       Each Ball Treats up to 2,500 gallons up to 4 WEEKS!!

·       Just Toss & GoR

·       Rapidly Breaks down Ammonia and Nitrites

CrystalClear® PondShock™ is an organic ball powered by billions of all natural, live bacteria and enzymes to rapidly break down ammonia, nitrites and organic waste. PondShock™ is designed to give your pond an extra boost when poor water quality issues escalate. PondShock™ also helps jump-start your biological filters in the spring and reduce ammonia spikes when new fish are added to the pond. PondShock™ is a great alternative to chemicals to clear your pond water and balance the ecosystem.

Customer Reviews

“This product does exactly what it says on the box… the water is Gin Clear”.

 “A nice tool as a supplement to a routine maintenance regime”.

 “Wow! After 3 days, what a difference.”

 “I use this as a ‘boost’ of healthy/good bacteria to an established koi pond.”

 “I have taken Ammonia readings before adding this product, and after 24 hours the drop in readings has been quite significant.”


Routine Application Rate:

Apply PondShock™ every month

Persistent Problem Application Rate:

If a problem arises between routine applications, apply PondShock™ at prescribed rate as needed.

For Best Results:

Apply PondShock™ directly into the water. Optimal Water conditions: Temperature: 50°F.

Wait 3 days after an algaecide treatment to apply PondShock™.


PondShock™ must be in stored above 40°F.


CrystalClear® PondShock™ Dosage Rates
Pond Size
(In Gallons)
(Once a Month)
Up To 2,500 Gallons1 Ball
Up To 5,000 Gallons2 Balls
Up To 7,500 Gallons3 Balls
Up To 10,000 Gallons4 Balls