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Creating & Maintaining Your Swim Pond

Everyone enjoys a cool dip on a hot summer day! More and more people are looking to convert their man made ponds and dugouts to create a cool, clean swim pond to enjoy during our summer months. But how do we keep these bodies of water clean and algae free to swim in and enjoy? Actually, it's quite easy & cost effective. Here's what you need to convert and of course maintain your own swim pond:

Top Treatment:

Subsurface aeration: Airmax aeration are designed to bring dissolved oxygen right to the ponds bottom which encourage aerobic bacteria to start working on debris on the bottom. The dissolved oxygen in the body of water also interacts with the natural bacterias to consume excess nutrients and to bind the Phosphorous in the water promoting beautiful crystal clear water!

Second Best Treatment:

Natural Bacteria: Pond Logic Pond Clear, Bacta Pur Pond and Pond Logic Muck Away all work to consume nutrients in the water and to break down debris and muck along the bottom. Where do the aqautic weeds grow and leeches live? The Muck!! Eliminate Muck with aeration and Muck Away!! Muck Away will eat  at least 5 inches in just one season

Third Best Treatment

Pond Dye: Put a pair of sunglasses on your pond or dugout today with our extra concentrated pond dye. It colours the water but more importantly, the dye blocks the UV rays. Algae and aquatic weeds require sunlight to grow and thrive so shading it with pond dye works really well to slow the growth!

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