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Lakeshore Cottage Owners

Whether you own a cottage or a home on the lake, we have some excellent solutions for your lake shore & beach area. The lake that you reside on may not have the cleanest/clearest of water- but you can do some things to clean up your section of the shoreline to make it more usable and enjoyable for swimming and recreation.

Do you have Muck? You know, that black ooze that squishes up between your toes! Muck is decaying organic matter at the bottom of the lake and it's usually pretty smelly. This is where leeches love to live & thrive! This is also where you find aquatic weeds growing, as it is very nutrient rich. Weeds do not normally grow in the hard pan under the muck. So if you eliminate the muck you will virtually eliminate the leeches and the weeds! MuckAway will eat the muck on the lakes bottom!

Aeration can be installed on your shoreline and MuckAway can be added to rid the area of muck, leaches and aquatic weeds. Consistency is key when applying the MuckAway- more is not always better! Apply every 2-4 weeks at the recommended dosage and you will see a significant difference.

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