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Hi Lynne,
Just wanted to tell you how great Stock Tank Defense has been for our horses. Normally if I can't clean the trough the water gets rancid and the horses drink minimally. In the winter it is impossible to clean the trough as it gets frozen in. This winter I started using Stock Tank Defense tablets.  Wow what a difference!  The horses drank 3 times what they normally do and 2 that were coughing stopped coughing. The Stock Tank Defense tablets completely eliminated the bacteria that make the water disgusting and kept the water sweet tasting for the horses.  All I had to do was throw a tablet in every 2 weeks. My only complaint is that I had to haul the hose out 3 times as much to keep the trough filled. THANKS SO MUCH LYNNE!
Martin Paskewitz
St Francois Xavier

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